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Upcoming live courses & my weekly yoga / fitness schedule


My Teaching & Events Schedule

Includes webinars, MBU events, and weekly fitness and yoga classes in San Luis Obispo, CA,

Upcoming Events

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March - MBU - San Luis Obispo, CA

April - MBU - Atlanta, GA

April - BFS - New York City, NY

Being active is my therapy…

My love affair with health and wellness began as a kid growing up in Michigan. We were active without it being a chore. We played tag, hopped fences, played kickball, rode our bikes and swam our summer days away. In high school it was cheerleading, softball, and track that kept me busy and out of most trouble. I’ve tried it all and have had mini love affairs with so many activities since: step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, spinning, yoga, road bicycling, hiking, strength training, circuit training, bootcamps, barre, meditation, acupuncture, and karaoke. Oh, wait, karaoke isn’t wellness, or is it?

I took my first yoga teacher training bootcamp with Baptiste Power Yoga in 2008 and after that knew I HAD to teach. I started out teaching free classes to my coworkers in our office conference room moving the tables and chairs to give us space. I have been teaching ever since. Those classes are still happening at MINDBODY’s Headquarters as part of their onsite wellness program. I have also taught math, software, and business since 1999.

I am now a working mom of a spirited little girl struggling each and every day to balance it all - self care, career, family, home life. Being active and dedicated to self care is now my habit, my home base, my sanity. Connecting and inspiring others inspires me to keep doing better every damn day. I hope to leverage these super computers to help me and others stay inspired, connected, and keep our sparks ignited.