In order to give you the best experience possible in working together, we have created the following Terms & Conditions to provide clarity surrounding our relationship.

Consulting T&C

Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid fees.  We charge a $20 cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice and up to 1 hour notice. Cancellations with 1 hour or less notice or not calling and not showing up for sessions will be charged full price or a session deducted from current package.  You may cancel in our online schedule, via e-mail, or by phone.

Meeting Logistics

All appointments are one hour in duration unless otherwise specified and are scheduled with an extra 30 minutes at the end for us to follow up with you and document our meeting.  Most meetings will take place remotely over the phone using Zoom.  We will contact you at the number that you provide to us in your online profile.  We generally use Zoom for all meetings which allows recording, multiple people on the calls, and video. We can also use other options if you have a preference, just let us know in advance. Our consultants are also willing to offer in person meetings in San Luis Obispo, CA or at your business with travel expenses covered by the business.  You can book and purchase sessions online or during our calls.  You will get auto e-mails confirming any meeting times & purchases so keep your eyes peeled for these.  If you don’t get a booking confirmation, you might not be booked.

What You Can Expect From Us

Our focus is 100% on helping you and your business in our work together and sharing our experience and ideas.  You might not feel connected with some of our business recommendations. We do our best to listen and adjust and tell you where we can bend or where we cannot.  We expect you to tell us if anything doesn’t feel right or if we're going down a wrong path.  Our work is a collaborative process and we will be 100% honest about our experience and thoughts.  We will do our best to help you feel listened to, supported, and connected to us and our work together.  We will take detailed notes on all our conversations together and send you homework & follow up details after every call.  You might hear us typing while we talk so we can remember and document important information about your business.  You can always let us know if it distracts you or makes you feel uncomfortable as we can hand write notes and transcribe later.  We can also send you my notes if you’d like.

What We Expect From You

We expect anyone we work with to be committed to working together in a collaborative way, to be honest with us about what is working for you and what isn’t.  Please be respectful of our time and cancel any appointments with at least 24 hours notice, and preferably 1 week so we can offer the time to another client.   To make the best use of your consulting time, you should provide an agenda of topics, questions, priorities and any relevant supporting material, at least 24 hours before our meeting time.  The more prepared you are, the more you will get out of a session.   We expect you to make an honest effort in implementing changes and doing homework.

Technical Support

Although our team has a great understanding of the MINDBODY software system, sometimes it is not the best use of our time or your money to cover technical questions that you could get answered for free by MINDBODY.  We will refer these to Tech Support or a PAC.

Frequency of Meetings

Typically, most clients meet once a week or every other week for 4-6 sessions to jump start their business, and then quarterly thereafter.   Some clients only need a one hour session on occasion for help on something specific and some have us update a Key Performance Indicator report spreadsheet.  Ongoing meetings can be used to create and implement a plan, assess progress, look at numbers, keep you on track and answer questions.


We maintain strict confidentiality with all clients – nothing you tell us will ever be disclosed without your permission.  By working together we are both bound by the following agreement:  

Agreement and acknowledgement between (client) and Liberate Your Biz Consulting (undersigned).

Whereas, the client agrees to furnish the undersigned certain confidential information relating to the affairs of the client for purposes of evaluation, consulting, or related analysis:

Whereas, the undersigned agrees to review, examine, inspect, or obtain such information only for the purposes intended and to otherwise hold such information confidential pursuant to the terms of this agreement:

Be it known that the client has furnished or will furnish to the undersigned certain confidential information as required and may further allow the undersigned to inspect the business of the client and interview representatives of the client on the following conditions:

  1. The undersigned agrees to hold all confidential or proprietary information to trade secrets purpose, shall not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party.

  2. At the conclusion of our discussions and upon demand by the client, all information, including photographs, memoranda, or written notes shall be returned to the client.

  3. This information shall not be disclosed to any employee or consultant unless they agree to execute and be bound by the terms of this agreement.

  4. It is understood that the undersigned shall have no obligation with respect to any information known by the undersigned or generally known within the industry prior to the date of this agreement, or becomes common knowledge within the industry thereafter.