5 Reasons I Love The Barre

Lucy practices wide ballet second position :)

Lucy practices wide ballet second position :)

No, I’m not talking about your favorite pub (cough, cough, McCarthy’s, I still love you too). I’m talking about the ballet barre, you silly kids. After a long love affair with yoga, having Lucy, and turning 40 years young last year, I found myself craving something different and more strength focused. So began my newest love affair with barre classes.

Here are 5 reasons I think you should meet me at the barre sometime soon:

  1. Feet Love. Most barre classes include lots of calf raises and they are so good for your feet, ankles, calves, legs. I feel like they have greatly helped my range of motion and strength in my foot with arthritis.

  2. Ballet Second Position. It Will Change Your Life. Lets face it. We all need to open our hips as much as possible. This position is very challenging for my body and going into it even half way makes my head feel like it might explode. Yet, afterwards, I feel like I have new legs and pelvis. I have noticed that I am creating more functional hip flexibility and strength that is making my lower body feel solid. I feel this position is a great counterbalance to my natural tendency to have a sway back - cheerleader booty and my low back / sciatica is a non issue these days.

  3. Dance Party. Working out in rhythm to music feels so good to my brain. It’s a dance party without having to stay up late!

  4. Potty Muscles. All the focus on engaging the pelvic floor has felt great for my body. I finally feel like I can do a proper kegel, lol. Boys, you likely need it too, even if you don’t recognize it. It has helped me learn to better engage my core throughout my workouts and yoga practices.

  5. It’s Just The Perfect Little Bundle. Like sunflower seed butter cups. You get it all, great music, upper body, lower body, glutes, core, and just enough stretching that you feel balanced and complete when you are done. Low impact strength training set to great beats. Tiny moves are challenging in an interesting way. Long lean, functional strength. Drop back squats holding the barre is something you should experience. Hurts. So. Good.

So, I hope you’ll join me at the barre soon! Check out my online schedule or the Smiling Dog schedule to see & sign up for my next classes. Many thanks to my phenomenal teachers Danyelle, Steph, & Ally, helping this zen yogi mamma get her barre game on point!