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Roxy Borger

My mission is to Learn, Share, and connect as much as possible within the boutique wellness industry.

I teach best business practices based on experience working and loving the wellness industry for 15+ years. you'll find me speaking at events of all kinds and sharing strategies that i know work. I also work 1:1 with select business leaders to transform and inspire.

I’m a true teacher at heart - i love to learn, share, connect! I am a self taught entrepreneur who made my yoga studio dream come true when I got a loan, emptied my savings, and bought and ran my own yoga studio for 5 years. i've been working since I was 14 years old and hope to be teaching still when i'm 80.

My work life experience spans far and wide. I’ve been teaching & public speaking for over 15 years, mostly in the wellness and technology fields. i’ve had more jobs than I can count and have learned something from each and every one. from mcdonalds to computer programming, from employee to owner, to universities, startups and corporate settings. I teach yoga, fitness, instructors, and consultants. I love being part of a tribe of wellness leaders and revolutionaries. I am a mom. I have a huge passion for being data driven, kpis, and being organized to give space for the magic to happen. i grew up in Downriver detroit, michigan and now reside in San luis obispo, ca.

My advice - Just keep going! Find a way. Don't give up! You are likely doing so much better than you realize. Make it your mission to constantly grow and improve. Find ways to refresh and renew. Your story is likely just beginning.