Roxy Borger
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We can do so much more together than we can do apart. 

- Helen Keller


Teacher at Heart

I am here to inspire and educate wellness leaders so you can keep doing what you do - enhancing lives! I am a life long learner who loves small businesses and focusing on strategies that work. I love boutique studios because they continually save my life and keep me sane.



Download a sample, blank KPI spreadsheet to help get you inspired for growing and evolving your business. For instructions on using this, check out MBU on Demand in your MINDBODY Site > Help Menu > MBU on Demand > Business and Financial Metrics. Designed for customers of MINDBODY, this could be used for any service based business looking for a starting point with tracking performance beyond revenue. This spreadsheet is my love child and has been continually improved upon for many years. It has the following worksheets: KPIs, Budget, Operation Expenses, AutoPay Pricing, Pricing Worksheet, Retention Targets, Retention Strategies, Marketing Targets, Marketing Strategies Calendar, Marketing Strategies Details, and Retention Reports.